Counting Money Worksheets

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Looking for some fun, free worksheets to help your children learn how to count money?  You’ve come to the right place! All worksheets are made to help learn to count money in a fun way. There are worksheets that include adding money as well as subtracting money.  Use these sheets to enhance math lessons, for homeschool lessons or to help teach kids money skills as well as the value of money.

More worksheets will be added so check back with us from time to time.  We would love to make this the Internet’s best resource of money counting worksheets for children of all ages.



Count the money to see which is more on the scale

Money Scale Worksheets

Money Counting Worksheet - Store

Money Store Worksheets

Count the money on the left and match it to the value on the right

Money Matching Worksheets

How money is in each bag?

Money Bag Counting Worksheets

Add the coins up to find the total

Money Adding Worksheets

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